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The dangers of Laptop Radiation

The dangers of Laptop Radiation

One of many people I follow on Instagram is Kimberly Snyder. She just gave birth to a beautiful baby boy. Without a doubt she had the healthiest pregnancy ever. I noticed on her Instagram that she was using a ‘’protective blanket’’ when she was working on her laptop to prevent radiation damage to the baby. This made me think. What are the dangers of laptop radiation and why should we only protect ourselves during a pregnancy? Shouldn’t we be as much as possible on the safe side? I personally think that the heat I feel on my lap after I have been working on my laptop can’t be healthy. So whether you are pregnant, want to take care of your fertility or want to prevent future damage to vital organs I think we should all know a bit more about the dangers of laptop radiation.

The dangers of Laptop Radiation kimberly-snyder

The radiation from laptops is particularly problematic for vital organs and fertility because a laptop is placed over vital body parts. Not only women should worry about their ovaries, also men should be careful with radiation. Since laptop radiation never ‘’felt right’’ to me I used my laptop cover under my laptop to protect myself (no, this does not protect you from radiation). Little did I know there are super soft protective blankets that can block the harmful effects of laptop radiation from penetrating the body.

The Belly Armor blanket is a way to protect your body from radiation. Not only from our laptop, but also from cell phone radiation, and Wi-Fi. But is there anything to be concerned about in the first place?

What kind of radiation are we exposed to?

First off, the difference between ionizing radiation and non-ionizing radiation is important to know.

Ionizing radiation is a high frequency radiation. You are exposed to this type of radiation when you go for an x-ray, but it is also found in diagnostic machines, fluoroscopy or radiation therapy. It’s powerful enough to free an electron from its atom/molecule. The result? Free radicals, which can damage your DNA.

Non-ionizing radiation is a radiation where we can protect ourselves from with the Belly Armor. This type of radiation is a much lower frequency and we are constantly exposed to it. Via common sources such as microwaves, radio waves, appliances, radars, radios, televisions, certain burglar alarms, Wi-Fi, electric blankets, tablets, laptops, and cell phones. Also fluorescent lighting, computers and many other types of wired and wireless electronic equipment all create electromagnetic fields of varying strengths. It’s low frequency, but with long wave lengths. When you are pregnant exposure to non-ionizing radiation is associated with increased uterine oxidative stress in pregnant rats and their offspring.

What is wrong with laptop radiation?

You might think we can handle some radiation exposure, but I would rather be safe than sorry. If you care about your eggs/sperm or overall health then laptop radiation is something you should be careful with. We are constantly (and more and more) exposed to EMFs (electromagnetic frequencies/ non-ionizing radiation). 24/7 WiFi is 24/7 exposure to non-ionizing radiation.

Why should we worry about non-ionizing radiation ? 

Fears of non-ionizing radiation are real and have been discussed a lot. Cell phones produce for example a form of non-ionizing electromagnetic radiation that can be absorbed into the tissues closest to where the phone is held. So I wouldn’t discount the dangers of excessive non-ionizing radiation just yet.

Cell risk

Everything around us is made out of atoms. Your car, your clothes, the food you eat…. And they are always vibrating. Our bodies do the same. Every cell, tissue, and organ in the body vibrates in a unique way. This vibration is referred to as energy, that energy is electrical and critical to the most basic functions of the body. Radiation disrupt this electrical communication between cells and compromise basic physiological functions.

Radiation put cells at risk. When a cell is exposed to radiation, its behavior changes. With too much exposure, the cell will shield itself from its own surrounding. The cell will stop interacting with other cells, and will stop ‘’interconnecting’’. At that point, the health of the cell can weaken. Or even worse, these cells will stop producing important proteins, proteins that are necessary to keep other cells healthy. The isolation and weakening of the cell can ultimately lead to cell mutation and long term damage.

In a nut shell, when the electrical communication between cells are interrupted by radiation, we open the door to possible health problems.

The dangers of Laptop Radiation

Now what?

There are many videos and studies on this topic. What is important when it comes to laptop radiation is what part of your body you need to protect. A small amount of radiation comes off the keyboard, but a much higher concentration of radiation comes from the bottom of the laptop. When you place your laptop on your lap, this radiation is going to your vital organs. I would worry less about my fingers and more about the harmful effects of radiation to my organs. This study shows it’s not a good idea to have a laptop close to the body.

How does Belly Armor work?

Belly Armor is a super soft and lightweight blanket that you place on your lap (and belly). Belly Armor ‘s blanket is made with RadiaShield® technology. These blankets are from the highest quality fabric and protect your organs and baby from harmful radiation by 99%. Belly Armor is a belly blanket (they also have belly t shirts and belly bands) that offer shielding protection from everyday non-ionizing radiation such as mobile phones, laptops, tablets, and smartphones. When you are pregnant it will protect your belly from incoming electromagnetic waves, canceling out the ambient radiation and reducing radiation exposure.

The dangers of Laptop Radiation

I have read enough to not take a risk and never place my laptop on my lap without the Belly Armor blanket. Pregnant or not, I care about my vital organs. When it comes to radiation, I choose to be rather safe, than sorry.

I understand that we are exposed to radiation everywhere these days. Since I’m not about to go live in the desert, I choose to minimize my radiation exposure as much as I can. Some things you can do are: 

  • Using a headset or speaker when talking on your cell phone
  • Using a Belly Armor under a laptop
  • Turning off the WiFi router at night
  • Keeping distance from the cell phone, computer and other electronic devices
  • Put your cell phone on airplane mode (as often as you can) and at night
  • Don’t have long conversations on a mobile

Do you take steps to reduce your radiation exposure?

I was not paid to write this article. This is an honest review.

photos by the green creator (c) (copyright) & Instagram Kimberly Snyder


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