The Holiday Wellness Gift Guide 2020

The holiday gift guide for 2020 is all about wellness. Whether that’s about improving our sleep or boosting our immunity, this guide will hopefully inspire you to get the right gift for yourself or your loved one(s). If you are looking for gift ideas for the sustainable foodie, then the gift guide from last year might be worth checking out.

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Dear friends, it has been quite an eventful year. I mean, I don’t want to come across plaintive, but I think most of us don’t mind for 2020 to come to an end, right?

I firmly believe that there is always something to be grateful for and that every unpleasant experience holds a lesson. This year came with beautiful insights and moments of appreciation for me.

When things are taken away from us or can’t be taken for granted anymore, we value it more than ever. Such as, being with friends and family. And maybe 2020 made us all realize to take (even better) care of ourselves. I personally focused (even) more on my sleep routine.

For this wellness gift guide I went all in, because of all the stress around shopping this year (preferably online), I wanted to bring you a holiday guide that would add value. Gifts that actually make a difference in a life.

I hope you find holiday gift ideas you love for yourself and your loved ones. Support brands you truly believe in, buy gifts with a meaning and gifts that will last. I also encourage you to shop locally and to think of small(er) brands.

Oura ring
This ring is a wellness and sleep tracker. It provides you for example with a readiness score every morning to tell you whether you should take it easy or go all in. Easy to wear and in different colors. The gold one is currently the limited edition.

Muse is like a personal meditation assistant to make meditation easy. It provides you with real-time feedback on your brain and body. Muse monitors your mind, heart, body and breath.

Waterdrop G3 reverse osmosis water filtration system
Wellness equals good quality water. The Waterdrop G3 is an amazing water filtration system. It’s tankless and has a smart system that notifies you the filter’s lifespan and shows the TDS. It has been certified by the NSF against standard 58 & 372. For all the products (features) check this link. Psstt…it’s currently 30% (!) off.

Standing desk
Since WFH is here and might stay here for a while, a standing desk solution would make a durable gift for those who would like to avoid sitting for too long.

Blue light glasses
Blue light glasses are currently very cool. Apparently wearing blue blockers at night helps with our deep REM sleep.

Kombucha starter kit
What could possibly be more cool than making your own kombucha at home?

Hurom slow juicer
A beautiful juicer with a 150 watt motor for those healthy ginger – and wheat grass shots. Fun fact, it also makes ice cream.

Gua Sha body massage
Gua Sha body massage set that is both for the face and the body. Great for puffy eyes, but also a good way to stimulate the lymphatic system.

Ultimate dry brush
Speaking of the lymphatic system, dry brushing helps the detoxifying process by increasing blood circulation and promoting lymph flow/drainage. Dry brushing also stimulates the nervous system, and makes you feel revitalized.

The Green Bowl
The Green Bowl (yes, that’s my book) is always a wonderful gift. Give the gift of delicious whole food plant-based vegan oil-free recipes for lunch or dinner.

JaxJox kettlebell
A weight-adjustable kettlebell that logs your workout stats. I mean, do I need to say more?

Weighted blanket
It’s warm, comforting and it supposed to make you sleep better, a weighted blanket. It can provide similar benefits to deep pressure therapy to calm a restless body, and reduce anxiety.

Meditation pillow
Give the gift of comfort and calm that comes with a good posture and a peaceful meditation practice.

Plant magic
Plants are powerful! But books on this topic can be rather boring. This book however is a fun, modern introduction to healing herbs.

Ankle weights
Styling weights for the arms or ankles to spice up your workouts. Comfortable, not bulky and easy to clean and remove.

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