The New Makeup line by Dr. Hauschka

2017 is already such a good year for Dr. Hauschka. Dr. Hauschka is celebrating their fiftieth anniversary and Dr. Hauschka Cosmetics was launched. After five years of work there is now a complete new makeup line by Dr. Hauschka. I was honored to witness the launch of the new makeup line by Dr. Hauschka and to be one of the first ones to try out the new products.

I also interviewed the international makeup artist of Dr. Hauschka and you can see the result of that in this video.

I know Dr. Hauschka because of their wonderful skin care line. The rose cream is really my favorite and in the summer I’m inlove with their tinted moisturizer. What a beautiful product! You can imagine I was quite overjoyed when I was invited for the press event in Amsterdam earlier this year.

As you may have read in this article makeup is not something new to me. In fact, I worked for quite a long time as a makeup artist during my days as a student and maybe because of this I noticed that I am quite critical. Especially when it comes to lipstick, it can be a challenge to find a good and natural one. I was very curious to try out the new red lipstick from the new makeup line from Dr. Hauschka. During the presentation there were a lot of praising words about this new lipstick.

I also tried out the new foundation and the color correcting powder. What a discovery! The days that we needed to cover up our skin (our largest organ) with body-distorting ingredients are really over. I firmly believe that the harmful ingredients that we (still) find in for example lipsticks will really be unheard of within a few years. Lead in your lipstick? That’s so 2014! And Dr. Hauschka really made some amazing steps in that direction. The products apply very easily, cover well, smell divine and stay put for a long time.

Dr. Hauschka launched a whopping amount of 83 (!) new makeup products and I want to try EVERYTHING! Dr. Hauschka showed that ”green beauty” also means you can wear a beautiful red lipstick instead of just a lip balm with a red shade that will disappear after three sips of tea. The other products are also great. The color-correcting powder became a favorite of mine. It reduces redness and dark circles around the eyes. It also creates a beautiful fresh complexion. The powder contains light-reflecting mineral pigments and beneficial plant extracts (such as witch hazel) which create an amazing smooth complexion.

It’s all about the medicinal plants

The heart of Dr. Hauschka is a garden with medicinal plants, directly behind their main building in the German Eckwälden. At approximately 4.5 hectares they cultivate about 150 different medicinal plants in a biodynamic way. They grow their own seeds and grow their own seedlings.

Dr. Hauschka stands for the healing and nurturing powers of our own skin and makeup should not disturb this, but rather support it.

All products by Dr. Hauschka are biological and are made without the use of any chemical additives. Of course all products are also not tested on animals and medicinal plants are the core of all products. This sounds like music to my ears.

Would you like to try out the new makeup collection? You can! Head over to the website of Dr. Hauschka or have a look here to find a store in your area.

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  1. I want to work as a makeup artist and this post has helped me a lot to understand things from the perspective of a doctor. I like reading such posts. It helps a lot in understanding things about the makeup.


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