Tips for a Healthy Summer Holiday

Whether you’re traveling or not, the holiday season is always a struggle when it comes to healthy eating. We have a different rhythm and healthy habits seems to be difficult to maintain. I’m always excited to go on a holiday, but used to be also a bit stressed about my food choices. Luckily, over the last years I managed to find my way no matter where I go. I will share my tips with you today so you’ll feel healthy and happy holiday during your stay but also when you go back home. It would be such a shame to ruin your holiday over something that should be fun, food!

Be Over Prepared

If you fail to prepare, you prepare to fail. That’s what they say, right? Well, it’s true. Although Happycow is awesome, I always make sure I’m prepared because too often there was no time to find a healthy place to eat, the place was closed or was not as good as expected. So I basically take my own food with me. Healthy (raw) crackers, buckwheat, almond butter, tahini, nuts, dried fruits, and vegan energy bars. This will take away a lot of your stress! Also, snacks are very crucial for me when I’m traveling, such as dried fruits, fresh fruits (buy locally) and energy bars are always in my handbag. If I know the restaurant will not be fully healthy I always have a small meal before going out so that I’m not starving watching others eat. Normally, restaurants are very cooperative and I had hardly any problems so far.

The problems I do have are parties and barbecues. For those events, I always have a full blown meal before I leave the house.
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 Snacks are important

When I travel snacks are very important to me. I like to walk and explore a lot when I’m traveling and too often it happened that I was in the middle of nowhere without any food and only snackbars around me. Snacks are a life save then. Either make snacks yourself or buy them before you leave. I always have one or two in my bag to munch on when I start feeling hungry. I like to go for energy bars/ balls , but also dried fruits, nuts and seeds are delicious. Sometimes I will mix seeds together with goji berries, raisins, cacao nibs and any dried fruit to take with me in little resealable bags. Of course fresh fruit is also a great option and bananas, apples and pears are super portable.

Prepare and do your research

You don’t have to spend hours on this, but go online and see what Happycow is offering and have a look on Google maps to see whether there is a market or health/vegan food shop nearby. However, it always worked better for me to explore the area where I am myself. Also, always ask a local where you can eat (healthy). This is very helpful and has brought me to nice places!

‘’You have vegan food? Yes, come in I have fish’’

Especially when traveling outside of Europe it can happen that the locals really don’t understand you. For those cases I would look up the translation of words such as allergic, meat, eggs and dairy free. I only started doing this for the last year, just because I was so frustrated to with the language barrier.

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Breakfast is easy

Make breakfast the best meal. Most of the time, we don’t go out for food in the morning so make it the best meal. Make sure you have plenty of fresh fruits so you can easily make your own fruit breakfast. For trips longer than a week I take my travel blender with me to make smoothies. Enjoy this healthy morning habit. So when I arrive at my destination I normally buy some nuts, spinach, lemons, bananas and a selection of berries from a local market or supermarket and then blend them up with a superfood (green powder) for an awesome breakfast. Also, I immediately look for fresh lemons so I can kick start the day just as I would do at home with fresh lemon water

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Don’t make the same mistake as I did years ago. I would drink less water just to avoid the hassle of searching for a (clean) toilet. Don’t do this. Hydrate yourself even more in a warmer climate. It will make you more energized, prevents weird cravings and will keep your skin radiant.

Coconut oil

I always have this with me. You have to find a way what works best when traveling, because they melt so easily! I wrapped them in lots of little bags, but finally managed to find a container that will not leak! Coconut oil is great for oil pulling (keep detoxing while traveling), as a moisturizer, make up remover, sunburn care, skin care, hair care, for cooking, in salads or you can add it to your smoothie to energize and cleanse your body. And you’re taking your dry brush with you, aren’t you?


Make use of the opportunity that you have (more) time to move. Moving (in my case walking) during my trips are so much fun. Because you’re exploring the wonderful surroundings you will not even know you’re moving that much! I normally notice when I’m in my bed that night and my feet are hurting or when I take a look at my step counter that night (more on that here). Don’t sit all day, but move, explore and make some great memories!

healthy summer

My Essentials

  • A travel blender for longer trips.
  • Food items for your blender such as nuts and seeds, acai powder, chia seeds and green powder
  • Energy bars/balls
  • Coconut oil
  • Healthy crackers
  • Snacks, homemade trail mix or bought healthy snacks like seeds, snack bars or crackers – anything that can be carried around in your handbag
  • Buckwheat and quinoa for longer trips
  • A packed lunch for the travel day
  • A list of top healthy places to eat/drink
  • A glass water bottle
  • Herbal tea bags for longer trips

I hope you have a wonderful holiday where you can enjoy healthy foods without too much worries about your health. You can read more on my travels here and here.

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photos and text by the green creator (c) (copyright)/ instagram The Green Creator