Book Review: Vegan. The favorites recipes of Kyra’s Kitchen

It’s already more than three years ago since I interviewed Kyra de Vreeze. I’m still a fan of everything Kyra makes and shoots. Kyra has been cooking for quite some time for magazines such as Happinez, Yoga Magazine and Elle, but in her new Dutch cookbook “Vegan”. The favorite recipes of Kyra’s Kitchen”, she bundled her best recipes for us. Her new compact cookbook is full with beautiful and accessible recipes. Everyone (who wants to cook plant-based) can immediately get started.

Boekreview: vegan. Kyra de Vreeze

The book is divided into five chapters: breakfast, lunch, snacks, dinner and dessert. In each chapter you will find eight recipes of Kyra. All recipes are made with pure ingredients that are combined to create a delicious dish.

Kyra is a natural therapist, plant-based chef and photographer and has a holistic approach when it comes to health. She also finds it important to listen to her body.

”A few years ago during my pregnancy, somewhere between week 10 and 20 I suddenly got the strong desire to eat goat quark, which I did. It was good, I was happy and in no time the craving disappeared. I believe my body indicated that I needed a certain level. I made sure it was the best and purest organic version and I haven’t felt guilty for a moment.”

Boekreview: vegan. Kyra de Vreeze

Kyra’s recipes show that plant-based eating is not boring and actually creates a lot of possibilities to combine interesting ingredients. I would love to try her matcha with cashew cream for example, but her beetroot quiche with red onions also look delicious. The beauty of all her books and recipes is that Kyra knows how to capture a moment and create recipes with pure food that feels like a luxury. She knows how to create a particular atmosphere, where you just want to go straight to her kitchen table and enjoy her creations.

de favoriete recepten uit Kyra’s Kitchen (DUTCH)

128 pagina’s
price: € 18,99 or € 10,99 for an e-book
publisher: Kosmos Uitgevers

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