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VIDEO | 3 top health tips

3 top health tips

Health has never been so popular and has also never been so confusing as it is nowadays. Raw, vegan, vegetarian, paleo, high carb low fat….it can be very confusing. We’re spending a lot of time and energy on figuring out what works. However, there are easy ways to improve your health that will slowly but surely will lead you to a more healthy lifestyle. This is not about a diet or about eating organic or not, it’s about following a few basic health rules that will make you more healthy. The basics are simple:

  • eat well
  • move daily
  • sleep well

Very often we don’t realize that the choices we make every day is determining our health risks, much more than genes or family history.

I have read many times that the bullet in our  genetic gun is not the thing we should be scared of. It’s the trigger that can make the gun shoot, aka your lifestyle.

I’m sharing my three top tips with you to get healthier and feel better now.

Follow the basics

What I see a lot is that people are obsessing on a popular new diet or exercise program. Should I be vegan or not? Can I have a third banana today or not? This takes a tremendous amount of time and energy. Instead focus all of your energy on the basics. You will be way more likely to improve your health if you work on eating right (hydration, slow eating and making food yourself from scratch). Which diets fits you best will follow automatically. Every body works differently and there is no one size fits all. No one knows your body better than yourself.


Make sleep a value. I’m amazed that people still brag about being up late to finish work. It’s the last thing you should do to be productive. If you’re smart you make sleep a priority to be successful. Consider each hour of sleep as an investment in your health and well-being. Create bedtime rituals that minimize bright light, televisions, computers, phones and other distractions in the hour before going to bed. Turn the heating down a few degrees at night to make it easier to stay asleep. Then try to maintain consistent times of going to bed and waking up. A good night of sleep leads to better food choices (most of us crave sweets when we are tired) and better sleep will lead to more energy and more activity the following day. Then high quality food and activity make it easier to sleep the next night. In this way you’re creating an upward spiral.


Make all movement count. Being active throughout the day is more important than following a crazy bootcamp workout once a week. That’s why I love my stepcounter so much! I have been tracking my steps for years now. It’s a super little device (pedometer) that I always keep in my bag. It can’t get any more easy than that! Why is it so important? Well, in order for an activity to have the most benefit for your mind and body, it’s good to know how much you are moving per day. Also, this is a huge motivation. Literally every step counts. You’ll find yourself taking the stairs just to reach your goal. 10.000 steps per day is ideal and my personal goal for years now. So find a way to track your activity, such as an app, pedometer, Fitbit, Jawbone or any other device that will tell you how many steps you have taken per day.

Do you have some golden tips? I would love to read them below!

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