Creamy Pumpkin Risotto


vegetable broth

Arborio rice

pumpkin purée



sea salt

black pepper

white onion

olive oil

dry white wine


Step  1.

In a medium-size pot, combine the vegetable broth and the pumpkin puree. On medium heat, you want to warm up the broth and keep it warm.

Step  2.

Add the olive oil to a pan with the  garlic, onion, and sage. And sauté until the sage is a bit crispy.

Then add the Arborio rice to the pan. Let this roast a bit without the addition of any liquid, such as bouillon.

Step  3.

After a few minutes, add a bit of the pumpkin broth. Reduce the heat and stir to allow the rice to absorb the broth.

Step  4.

All you have to do now is add the broth little by little. Make sure  the rice doesn’t burn.Try to add the broth right before it starts  sticking to the pan. Also, add a bit of nutmeg, salt and pepper.

Step  5.

Halfway through the cooking process (so when you are halfway through  your broth), you can add chunks of pumpkin or sweet potatoes for a  little bit of extra bite and flavor.

Step  6.

For extra flavor and creaminess, add vegan Parmesan cheese or nutritional yeast. Remove from the heat and enjoy warm. I like to serve it simple with just a little bit of extra vegan cheese.