Piña Colada  Mocktail

also known as Virgin  Piña Colada is easy to make with  only 5 ingredients

lime juice

pineapple  juice

coconut milk

cream of coconut

ice cubes



Step 1.

Add the liquids and then the pineapple chunks to a  high-speed blender.

Step 2.

Finally, add the ice cubes. This process will help to blend the mocktail into a smooth substance.

Step 3.

Don’t over-blend the mocktail. The texture should be between a thick smoothie and a slushy.

Step 4.

Traditionally it is served in a hurricane glass, but you can use any glass you like.

Garnish it with pineapple, lime wedges, a maraschino cherry, and a paper umbrella.

Step 5.