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When smoothies are not right for you

When smoothies are not right for you

Wait, what? Smoothies are the holy grail of a healthy lifestyle, right? Smoothies are an easy way to get in those raw foods, enzymes vitamins, minerals, fibers…I love smoothies! So when are smoothies not right for you?

Some people don’t become a ”superhuman” full of energy and radiant when they start drinking smoothies every day. Some of us only feel bloated, crampy, even nauseous or have loose stools. But why and what can you do about it?

The Chinese know why

Smoothies can extinguish your digestive fire. Say what? According to Chinese Medicine, smoothies (raw food) is a cooling food with cold thermal properties. If you have a weak digestive ‘’fire’’ you need to be (more) careful with what you eat. Cold thermal property foods will extinguish your digestive fire resulting in for example bloating. Bloating is due to a weak digestive fire, which requires warmth. Raw foods are cold in nature; so adding cold on an already weak digestive fire will actually extinguish the ‘’fire’’ that is left to burn up our foods. In fact, I’m amazed at how many people will just follow any advise on the internet (eat a lot of raw food) when the majority of people who look for help on the internet (dealing with gut issues) will already have some form of digestive struggle.


If the above was like real Chinese language to you, let me explain a bit better. Our digestive ‘’fire’’ translates to stomach acid (also known as hydrochloric acid). Our stomach is one of the first places that our food enters and if there isn’t enough stomach acid, we’ll bloat soon of the consumption of (raw) food. This is the reason why some people feel so terrible after a smoothie. A smoothie is kind of raw food in a glass, right?

When you have mild or no issues with you digestion it is a good idea to include raw foods into your diet. Especially starting your meal with some raw food can benefit your gut health. So take into consideration when you enjoy your raw food/smoothies. It is always preferable to have this before a meal. So it’s better to start your meal with a smoothie, fruit or raw salad then to have it afterwards.

Now what?

If you still are crazy about smoothie because it’s is (indeed) a very easy, healthy and quick way to get in those greens then there is a way around it. The answer is spices. Not just any spices, warming spices like cinnamon and ginger. These warming spices warm up the thermal property so that you might be able to digest your smoothie. This smoothie recipe is a good one to try out. Slowly build up to those plant-based fibers.

If spices don’t work…

If you have tried adding more warming spices to your smoothie and you still feel awful and look 8 months pregnant after a smoothie, you’re are not alone. It is just a sign of your body that you need to strengthen your digestive system with good probiotics and a warming breakfast in the meantime. You can also contact me for a coaching or Skype session to give your digestion what it needs to handle those darn healthy smoothies.

Do you have problems digesting smoothies?


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