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Where to Find Calcium

So many people are concerned not to have enough calcium in their diets when they decide to start eating a more plant-based diet. So often I have heard people told me I’m missing out on calcium because I don’t drink cow’s milk. But where to find calcium?

Many of us don’t realize that there are so many wonderful and delicious plant based sources of calcium.

Mostly plants and other whole foods contain lots of calcium and vitamins such as vitamin C and K as well as potassium and magnesium, which are all really important for overall bone health.

Calcium is a mineral that we have the most of in our bodies. 99% of it is being stored in our bones and teeth and the other 1% in our blood and soft tissues. Calcium is vital for not only maintaining strong and healthy bones, but also for regulating your blood clots and managing muscle contractions, including the heart.

Calcium from cow’s milk

Calcium from cow’s milk really isn’t as great for your bones as most of us believe. While the calcium content of milk is high, there have been many studies that show that cow milk in fact has several negative impacts on our bodies. Calcium from cow’s milk is really hard for our bodies to absorb, especially if it is pasteurized like most of the milk you can find in a supermarket. And is cow’s milk not for a calf that still needs to grow a lot?

According to the NIH, adults need at least 900 mg and breastfeeding women and those with coeliac disease or osteoporosis have a higher requirement. So we do need to be aware of the amount of calcium we are getting in our diet, or that we are actually missing. There is nothing to be worried about though, since it’s quite easy and delicious to meet the daily requirements.

Plantbased Calcium Sources

Let me start by sharing my favorite sources of calcium with you. I love broccoli, tahini, figs, almonds, chickpeas and kidney beans. To give you some idea of how rich these sources are, 100 gram of chickpeas contains 49 mg of calcium. Adding just two tablespoons of tahini to your meal or smoothie will already  boosts your calcium intake by another 128 mg too. I love stirring tahini into a bowl of quinoa or using it in my salad dressings. Plus tahini is the magic ingredient in hummus, which also contains another source of calcium: chickpeas.

What is your favorite source of calcium?

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