Why I sleep on a silk pillowcase

Some things in life are just not that complicated as you might think. It is possible to look better, keep your hair healthy and shiny, slow your skin from aging  just with something as simple as a soft silk pillowcase. Today I’m explaining why I sleep on a silk pillowcase.

It seems Chinese women have been sleeping on silk pillow cases for centuries. The reason is mainly to prevent fine lines, wrinkles and messy dry hair. Cotton pillowcases absorb moisture and will dry out your skin and hair, since the robbing will take out the moisture of your hair.  Silk pillow cases or also known as ”anti wrinkle pillows”. Today I’m explaining why I sleep on a silk pillowcase.

Why I sleep on a silk pillowcase
Silk is good for your hair

Silk pillowcases are smooth for the hair and will let your hair glide over its surface when you move in your sleep. The smooth surface also prevents the hair from tangling, drying and snagging like on a cotton pillowcase. Cotton is more likely to cause resistance, and gripping on your hair, resulting in breakage and split ends. Silk minimizes the rough resistance on your hair (and face) when you toss and turn at night. Hollywood glamour babes have sworn by these pillowcases for years.

Less wrinkles

Silk is the most natural thing we can sleep on. It contains 18 essential amino acids and natural proteins. Amino acids can reduce the effects of aging, especially in our face. Also, you will not wake up with ”sleeping lines”, your night cream will not rub off and there will be less friction on your skin than with a harder fabric such as cotton.

Silk is hypoallergenic

With the natural protein structure, silk is a hypoallergenic material. And….dust mites can’t live on silk, and mold is repelled.

Comfortable temperature

Silk has the ability to regulate temperature. Feeling warm and soothing in the winter, and cool and comforting in the warmer months. Perfect!

Which silk pillowcases are best?

Choose the fabric weight, and don’t count threads. They don’t indicate quality. Weight is the alternative system called, momme weight. Momme weight is the weight of 100 yards of fabric, 45 inches wide, in pounds. Silk momme weight can range from 6 mm – 30 mm. So higher quality silk tends to be 14 mm and higher. An ideal weight of a silk pillowcase is 19 mm. This weight shows the balance of beautiful silk, strength and affordability.

Are you vegan?

Silk is natural because it is made from silk worms. For vegans, peace silk or vegan silk is the alternative since it is made from the silkworms cocoon after they have evolved and the moth flies away.

How to wash your pillowcases?

Always use a mild soap when washing your silk in lukewarm water or at a gentle cycle in the washing machine. Dry your pillow on a drying rack (free of dyes, silk can absorb the dye from the drying rack). Avoid drying your silk in direct sunlight. The sun can ruin the fibers and the color of your pillowcase.

I notice myself a huge difference in my hair when I use my silk pillowcase (less messy and dry), and my skin is much more hydrated. But I do have difficulties staying on the silk pillowcase during the night…. I just glide away. Do you have any experience with a silk pillow case?

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  1. I have been sleeping on a silk pillowcase for years in order to avoid the stripping of moisture that happens with cotton and hair snapping off in the pillowcase. A momme lower than 19 is better than sleeping on cotton but it may not hold up well over time as it is thinner than your mommes 19 and over. If you look for a silk pillowcase with a higher momme and a satin or charmeuse weave, your hair will never encounter any friction from your pillowcase and will proper care should last you a long time.


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