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Why I spray magnesium

Let me come straight to the point, unless you are super aware of your magnesium intake, you probably don’t know if you’re low on magnesium.


Magnesium is one of the most abundant minerals on earth, and it’s the fourth most abundant mineral in the human body and it is necessary in over 300 reactions within the body. 300! Magnesium isn’t just abundant in the body, but vitally important. source

Proper magnesium ratios are important for the body to correctly use calcium in our cells. Magnesium is moreover important for bone health, helps keep bloos pressure normal, promotes restful sleep, and is good for muscle strength.

Why are most of us magnesium deficient?

There are many reasons most of us are low in magnesium. First of all, our soil is depleting it of its natural magnesium. Water was once a good source of magnesium, but nowadays the fluoride in drinking water binds with magnesium, creating a nearly insoluble mineral compound that ends up deposited in the bones, where its brittleness increases the risk of fractures. Water could be an excellent source of magnesium, if it comes from deep wells that have magnesium at their source. And many bottled mineral waters are quite low in magnesium, or have a very high concentration of calcium, or both.

The following is also not very helpful and can play a role in magnesium depletion:

  • Drinking coffee
  • Consuming sugar
  • Eating processed food
  • Drinking alcohol
  • Eating/drinking produce from depleted soil
  • Eating foods high in phytic acid
  • Sweating from exercise or other causes
  • Stress

When you exercise, have muscle cramps or often have headaches, think about spraying magnesium.

Why is magnesium so vital?

Magnesium is vital for hundreds of functions within your body, but it is especially important for:

  • Increases bioavailability of calcium
  • Promotes good nerve function
  • Promotes restful sleep (muscle contraction and relaxation)
  • Promotes heart health
  • Eases muscle cramps and spasms



Are You Deficient?

It seems over 80% of tested adults are. Unfortunately, blood tests are relatively ineffective in showing magnesium levels as less than 1% of magnesium is in the blood.

Low magnesium levels are often diagnosed by symptoms alone, and the following symptoms can indicate low magnesium levels:

  • Inability to sleep or insomnia
  • Irritability
  • Mental disturbances
  • Muscle soreness or spasms
  • Headaches
  • Heart “flutters” or palpitations
  • Unusual tiredness
  • Difficulties concentrating
  • Bad short term memory
  • Poor coordination


How To Get Enough Magnesium

Unfortunately, it is not very easy as just popping in a pill when you’re low in magnesium.

Some tricky facts:

  • Magnesium is often not well absorbed by the digestive track, and is even more difficult to absorb if you are deficient or are low in vitamin D, have poor gut bacteria or suffer from a number of other conditions.
  • Most foods are depleted of their natural magnesium levels.
  • Our water supply is lacking magnesium.

So how do you get enough magnesium?

  • Leafy green vegetables, kelp, and especially nettle are good sources of magnesium. However, if you have a deficiency, it will be very difficult to raise your levels enough through food.
  • Spray! The best way to supplement is by using magnesium on the skin. This is not only the safest way, since the body will only use what is needed, but also the most effective (and cheap!). It does not have to pass through the digestive system and kidneys and can more quickly enter the blood and tissues of the body.

It is important to start slow and work up, as high doses will not be completely absorbed at first and most will be wasted.

I use magnesium on my skin daily in the form of magnesium oil and I save a lot of money by making my  own magnesium oil.

Before going to bed I pray magnesium oil on my arm pits, behind my knees, and on the inside of my elbow.  I use 10-20 sprays per day. It will tingle on the skin the first few times, this is normal. It should fade after a few applications. Never spray on your skin when you just shaved….

You can leave on the skin or wash it off after 20-30 minutes. If I spray in the morning I usually spray after a shower and then use coconut oil to moisturize about 15 minutes later.

Do you take magnesium? Have you noticed any benefit?

–>Click here to read how I make my own magnesium spray<–


photos by the green creator (c) (copyright)


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