Why I use Chia Seeds

Chia seeds are as normal to me as maybe bread is for most of us. Without actually giving it any further thoughts I sprinkle each and every morning some of these seeds in my smoothie or juice. Also when I prepare another type of breakfast I always make sure to add a spoon full of chia seeds. If you are vegan or vegetarian and feel the need to add a superfood into your diet, then chia seeds are your new best friend. But why do I use chia seeds?

Why makes chia seeds so unique?

  • chia seeds are a source of calcium and magnesium
  • they contain iron, zinc, boron, niacin and all the essential amino acids
  • they contain fiber and protein
  • they contain more antioxidants than blueberries
  • they contain vitamin B, D and E
  • they contain omega 3 which is normally to be found in meat (fish) and dairy is. (source)

Definitely a superfood! Especially if you are vegetarian, rawfoodie or vegan. What else make these chia seeds so special and versatile is the fact that they change with some liquid (water or nut milk ) into a jelly/pudding substance. When soaking the seeds like this they will also become easier to digest. Some people even recommended to always do so.

Keep in mind that you don’t use too much at once. These seeds are supposed to expand in your belly, helping you to feel full. Also, make sure if you experience problems with the digestion of these seeds that you soak them first. Often soaking them in a glass of water for about 30 minutes will already be enough to make them easier to digest.

Finally, chia seeds can be added into anything. In a smoothie, as a pudding, in any type of breakfast, in some water with lime, in sweets or a fry dish. The possibilities are endless. Although I ‘ve made a chia pudding before I have to share the following video: chia pudding with almond milk.

photos by the green creator (c) (copyright)