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I won a Food Blog Award! (video)

Ik heb een Food Blog Award gewonnen!

As I write this I realize how I underestimate you, my dear readers. As a blogger, recipe developer, photographer and researcher of health facts I don’t get every day immediate feedback. Don’t get me wrong, I love this! This is my dream job. I’m my own boss! Of course I have contact with my clients as a health coach and when I have meetings and collaborations, but I don’t often get a lot of feedback on my work. I know you all are out there, but figures are still just figures.

 I now realize just how many people have voted for me (42%!)  and I can not believe it! THANK YOU!!

I went home with the award for “Best Food Photo”.

I’m more than grateful that you appreciate my work and continue to follow me on my path where I try every day to share the best of myself with you.

However, I only had 4 tickets to give away for the award show so here is an impression of my evening for you guys 🙂


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