The Green Bowl


Product Description

(deze e-cookbook is alleen in het Engels verkrijgbaar/this e-cookbook is only available in English)


It’s finally here! Something I’ve been working on for so long: The Green Bowl.

For all of you who ever wondered what I eat on a weekly basis: it’s all in The Green Bowl.

One month dinner is on me! If you are a long-time vegan and all your vegan dinners look the same each and every day or if you are new to a plant-based diet, this cookbook is for you.


this e-cookbook is for you:


✓  if you are a long- time vegan foodie or you’re new to veganism and you are in a dinner- or lunch rut. This e-cookbook is for you! For one month lunch or dinner is on me

this cookbook is SOS-free (no oil, white refined sugars and minimal to no salt), but fully adjustable to your dietary wishes. Yet never lacking in taste due to an amazing variety in herbs and spices (that’s my biased opinion and the opinion of my dear recipe testers)

if you ever wonder how to cook from scratch with fresh ingredients (no store-bought vegan products), but only whole food plant-based ingredients? I got you covered.

learn how to build a plant-based pantry for succes and (if you are interested) how to cook oil-free.


The most important part about this e-cookbook is that nourishment is important yes, but comfort and pleasure is also important. Therefore everything is served in a bowl. But don’t worry there are no endless soup recipes or stew recipes in this cookbook, in fact there’s not one recipe that’s just a salad bowl. All bowls are full nourishing meals.

Food served in a bowl is the best comfort food, right?


Let’s share those bowls! #thegreenbowl


This cookbook will provide you with 31 full meal recipes with a variety of foods without making things complicated. All while building a pantry that will serve you long after that month so you can be your own hero in the kitchen. I got you covered this month and every month, for that matter. Just start it all over again once you finish.


31 whole food plant-based meals (often there are multiple recipes in one bowl, think of sauces and such)
Refined sugar-free
Salt-free or low in salt
Pantry guide to build a kitchen for success
Guide to oil-free cooking
All recipes are in grams (metric system) and United States customary units (e.g. cups)
All recipes come with a photo to inspire you which recipe to choose on any given day.