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  • Loving Lately #6
    +Articles Lifestyle

    Loving Lately #6

    When I say life changing, I’m not exaggerating. These noise canceling Sony headphones are so incredibly good! They’re something else! The first time I put them on I could only feel…

  • How to solve hair loss
    +Articles Beauty

    How to solve hair loss

    Probably the nightmare of everyone is to wake up one day and realize you are losing hair. You’re not alone. I receive many questions on this topic. Often there is no…

  • silk pillow case
    +Articles Beauty

    Why I sleep on a silk pillowcase

    Some things in life are just not that complicated as you might think. It is possible to look better, keep your hair healthy and shiny, slow your skin from aging  just…

  • the green creator apple
    +Articles Beauty

    What to eat for healthy hair

    Let’s talk about healthy hair today, shall we? Today I’m sharing with you my tips on how to grow strong, long, healthy hair. There is no special shampoo or dietary supplements…