Why is MSM powder a beauty mineral?

Why is MSM my beauty mineral?

It sounds like something chemical (that’s what my first thought was when I heard of it): MSM (methylsulfonylmethane) powder. But

Loving Lately #2

Loving Lately #2

Lately it has been all about summer! I have been traveling a bit and really felt the summer vibes. Long

silk pillow case

Why I sleep on a silk pillowcase

Some things in life are just not that complicated as you might think. It is possible to look better, keep

Yukuko Tanaka's Anti-Aging Massage

Yukuko Tanaka’s Anti-Aging Massage

The more I read about Japanese food culture, the more I’m getting interested. Although Japanese food is not on itself

The jade roller

A while ago I asked on social media if you know what this little tool is. For most of you

skin care

My skincare routine

Looking back at the beauty products I was using when I was much younger I remember there was always something


Lemon Water in the Morning

Oh, how I adore lemons! The first step for me towards a more healthy body was lemon water in the morning.