glass jar with red rhubarb jam on a white plate with a white teaspoon with rhubarb jam on it

10 DIY Last-Minute Gifts in a Jar

Last year I shared with you my holiday gift guide for foodies, and although this list can still help you

How To Stop Farting

Your gut is pretty smart and communicates with us all the time. So it’s a good idea to listen to

black strap molasses

What about natural sweeteners?

If there is one thing that makes all of you happy it’s a delicious sweet recipe with the words ”sugarfree”

How to solve hair loss

How to solve hair loss

Probably the nightmare of everyone is to wake up one day and realize you are losing hair. You’re not alone.

hoe overleef je?

Bookreview: How not to die

I knew upfront this book is going to be a good book. The book ”How not to die’‘ by Michael

Herbal coffee substitute

Herbal coffee substitute

When people ask me what was the most difficult part of going fully vegan, I always answer my daily cappuccinos.

Hoe word je 100?

Bookreview: how to live to 100?

You might know by now, I’m quite interested in the elderly among us. Especially the healthy ones. Old and healthy,