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  • black strap molasses
    +Articles Lifestyle

    What about natural sweeteners?

    If there is one thing that makes all of you happy it’s a delicious sweet recipe with the words ”sugarfree” in the description. But what about natural sweeteners? Some of you…

  • How to make Date Paste
    +Recipes Snacks & Sweet

    How to make Date Paste

    As a former sugar junkie I’m still crazy about anything sweet, which could be a reason why I love date paste. But did you know that date paste is actually really…

  • Rawnola
    +Recipes Breakfast & Brunch Snacks & Sweet


    There are people that just seem to live the ultimate vegan paradise life. Every day is a sunny day, perfect blond beach hair, incredible bohemian outfits, fresh coconuts, a perfect tan…

  • Cinnamon cubes
    +Recipes Snacks & Sweet

    Cinnamon cubes

    I love using (more) cinnamon. Especially breakfast- and snack recipes are a great way to sneek in more cinnamon. Cinnamon is really good for you. I would highly recommend to use…