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  • Easy Raw Vegan Frosted Chocolate Brownies
    +Recipes Snacks & Sweet

    Raw Chocolate Brownies

    I think that this recipe has the best proportions when it comes to nuts versus raw cacao. These chocolate brownies have the perfect gooeyness and have a subtle crunch. And the…

  • Dinosaur Juice
    +Recipes Smoothies, Juices & Drinks

    Dinosaur Juice

    ”Cavolo nero” or ”Lacinato” may sound like a fancy Italian pasta dish, but it’s actually a super crispy kind of kale. Maybe you ever heard of dinosaur kale? It’s all the…

  • Sauerkraut Salad
    +Recipes Lunch & Main Dish Salads

    Sauerkraut Salad

    Sauerkraut (and probiotics in general) are absolutely necessary for good health. You can buy probiotics (good bacteria) in the form of supplements, but fermented foods are much more powerful than probiotic…

  • Easter Egg Nests
    +Recipes Breakfast & Brunch Snacks & Sweet

    Easter Egg Nests

    You might have noticed that Easter is approaching soon. Lovely spring weather, singing birds, flowers that are blooming and chocolate eggs that are sold in all supermarkets. Unfortunately I haven’t seen…

  • Rawnola
    +Recipes Breakfast & Brunch Snacks & Sweet


    There are people that just seem to live the ultimate vegan paradise life. Every day is a sunny day, perfect blond beach hair, incredible bohemian outfits, fresh coconuts, a perfect tan…