What’s the best time to drink a smoothie or juice?

On Instagram I receive messages with the question when is the best time to drink a smoothie or juice. Or people ask why I have them always in the morning. So today will be all about the ''when'' and ''why'' of smoothies and juices. What's the best time to drink a smoothie or juice?

My first response to when is the best time to drink a smoothie or juice would be, anytime! There is not a real ”bad” moment of the day to drink a smoothie or juice that is delicious and that will truly nourish you. Having that said, there is an optimal moment in the day that a smoothie or juice would be best. The moment when it allows you to absorb all nutritions and will give you most energy. This is in the morning.

You really can’t go wrong with a smoothie or juice in the morning.

However, a smoothie or juice can include a pretty wide variety of ingredients. We all know the green smoothies loaded with leafy greens, but there are for example also smoothies with bananas and dates. Although both are perfect in the morning, if you decide to (also) have a smoothie/juice later in the day you might want to select the ingredients differently so the ingredients match the moment of the day.

before/after a work out

A great smoothie would for example be one with bananas, almond milk, dates and hemp seeds. Something like this recipe here. These ingredients make good pre- and post-workout smoothies.

in the morning 

As I said before, in the morning you can’t go wrong with a smoothie/juice. Green leafy greens such as kale and spinach, higher carbohydrate smoothies, protein and healthy fats are all good ideas. Mornings are also best to consume fruit, so it is great to create smoothies that are high(er) in fruit, with some nuts or seeds, or even some antioxidant-rich acai powder, goji berries, or wheat grass powder to round out the nutrition.

in the middle of the day or as a snack

This is a great time to have a green smoothie. Several handfuls of kale, spinach, romaine, and healthy fats, and maybe some extras such as coconut water or hemp seeds (healthy fats, minerals, and protein) or sweet blueberries are a good choice.

after dinner

Yes, a smoothie can be a dessert as well. There are many great options. Berries (frozen) make a great dessert, I like this smoothie a lot! But also some oatmeal, almond milk and bananas will curb the cravings and will give you a good night of rest as well. Or what about a chocolate smoothie or chocolate mousse (also here)?

Whatever you do, know that a smoothie or juice is always a good choice. The mornings are the best and it is that time of the day that you can pile up your smoothie with fruits and lots of greens.

carrot juice

Why is a smoothie or juice best for breakfast?

Especially if you are having only one smoothie or juice a day, the morning is by far the best time of the day to have one.  There are a couple of reasons for this.

If you are having a smoothie or juice as a breakfast (meal), make sure to have a smoothie that will contain enough energy. A juice is not very easy to replace for a meal, unless you are following a detox.

First of all, with a green smoothie you start your day off on a healthy note. If you make a large green smoothie for breakfast, then you should be satisfied until lunch, with sufficient protein and calories. The fresh fruit that you used will also satisfy your sweet tooth, making a sugary morning snack less tempting.

There is absolutely no other better breakfast than a jam-packed (green) smoothie with natural vitamins, minerals, healthy fats, proteins and antioxidants.

You have covered a large part of your daily fruits and veggies intake before noon when you are having a smoothie for breakfast.

You have an empty stomach after a night of ”fasting” which will not only make sure your smoothie will be well absorbed, but it will also give you lots of energy. There is little digestion involved when you have a smoothie, and digestion requires a lot of energy from the body.

A smoothie gives you plenty of energy if you consume it on a empty stomach. I always say that it is not the best idea for your digestion to have a smoothie after a big or heavy meal. The heavy meal needs time to digest and a smoothie (or juice) ”wants to” digest fast. If the heavy meal is in its way, this can cause digestion problems. The smoothie or juice simply can’t digest and can ”ferment”, leaving you with problems such as feeling bloated.

Also, after a night of fasting and detoxing, I always say it is best to let your body do its works an not to interrupt it too much with heavy foods. So for optimal energy and absorption, the mornings are the best.

When do you have your smoothie or juice?


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