two glasses of iced chocolate next to each other with ice floating to the top on a dark grey backdrop with an oat milk bottle in the background


This recipe turns a few simple ingredients into a delicate cold chocolate drink. Iced chocolate is easy to make with

cashew milk

Cashew ‘’Milk’’

Whether you’re a vegan foodie or would like to reduce or eliminate dairy from your diet, you probably have heard

Lentil Tomato Soup

Tomato Lentil Soup

The great thing about this tomato lentil soup is that it requires only one pot (a normal pot or the

Raspberry Almond Vanilla Shake

Raspberry Almond Vanilla Shake

How can a healthy plant based life style be boring when you can have such a colorful shake for breakfast?

Easy Chocolate Mug Cake

Vegan Chocolate Mug Cake

This chocolate mug cake is so easy to make! You can actually make it in a mug, make sure it’s

chocolate mousse

Easy Chocolate Mousse

There are many sweet desserts to make with healthier ingredients and probably the most special ingredient is the avocado. It’s

Raw Chocolate Date Blocks

Raw Chocolate Date Blocks

Raw chocolate: such a paradise. It’s healthy and so delicious. When I started eating vegan I first had to get

almond milk

The Best Almond Milk Ever

I can still clearly remember the period that cowmilk  was advertised as the best fuel for us humans. Several glasses