3 Smoothie Recipes With A Boost

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Spring feels like it should arrive any time now, but technically speaking we are still in the middle of a cold and flu season. I have not fallen sick…yet. So I’m stepping up my smoothie game and adding a boost to my smoothie recipes. These 3 smoothie recipes are on their own delicious and nourishing, but sometimes I just need a bit more and I’m going to tell you all about it today.

These 3 smoothie recipes with a boost contain some of my favorite products that I get from iHerb. I have been shopping for years at iHerb from the comfort of my own home knowing that I will have the best possible service and a wide variety of products to choose from. With one click I get all I need for my smoothies at my doorstep literally within days after placing my order. I have bundled all the products that I use in this cart for you here on iHerb so you don’t have to search for all the ingredients for the smoothie recipes. But wait, before you click…. there is a discount code at the end of this article.

Why I’m shopping at iHerb

The most important reason is that iHerb offers an amazing range of products that I love. iHerb is also a global leader in bringing the best overall value in natural products to their customers all over the world. And iHerb wants only the best for you so they offer a triple guarantee to ensure you are 100% satisfied. This means that iHerb guarantees that you will receive the best overall value in the world for over 30,000 brand name natural products. This also means that there is a guaranteed delivery. iHerb provides free or discounted shipping to over 150 countries around the world.

As a California based superstore it’s also worth mentioning that iHerb guarantees that all products are authentic brands sold in the U.S. market. They are committed in providing quality assurance for their products and ship directly from their climate controlled warehouses.

That’s all well and good for those located in the U.S. but what about the rest of the world? No worries, I’m myself located in Europe and always receive my iHerb order within days after placing my order. You can read more about the shipping countries and methods here. I find their shipping extremely fast and very well priced.

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How to boost smoothie recipes

Aloe Vera juice is traditionally found in warm, arid locations, like the Caribbean and Northern Africa and has been used for thousands of years. It’s not easy to get your hands on pure fresh Aloe Vera juice in an oxidation-free packaging. At iHerb I’ve found that Nature’s Way Aloe Vera juice is the best I have used in a long time. When exposed to oxygen Aloe Vera nutrients deteriorate, but Nature’s Way Aloe Vera is bottled using a unique nitrogen process to eliminate oxidation and preserve potency. I love adding this to my smoothies and juices as a boost. I will use it for ten days and then stop for a week. It has an amazing effect on my skin, my gut and my overall immune system.

3 Smoothie Recipes With A Boost

Speaking of the gut…. The best thing I love to add to my smoothies is a good probiotic. I’m not an expert, but I always look for a probiotic with at least 5 strains. The Primadophilus Optima probiotics from Nature’s Way contains 7 probiotic strains and 50 billion active probiotics. I do not use the outside capsule when I add a probiotic to my smoothie. It’s easier to just open up the capsule and add to my smoothie only what I need, the good bacteria. I believe a great immunity starts in the gut and I love adding probiotics to my smoothies for extra support.

One of the other ways to give my smoothie a boost is with a herbal blend. Depending on what I need I will go for Nature’s Way Premium Herbal Blend, Immune Powder or Relax Powder. These blends are great to support immune function and a great adaptogenic (such as reishi and ashwagandha). I only add ½ a teaspoon to my smoothie. The Relax Powder Blend from Nature’s Way contains chamomile, lemon balm (leaf) extract, passionflower (aerial parts) extract, L-theanine (suntheanine) and more to support relaxation and reduce stress. I believe stress can suppres the immune system so anything to help me combat stress is always a welcome addition.

3 Smoothie Recipes With A Boost

Although it’s not a good idea to eat raw elderberries, the cooked syrup version has been traditionally used for centuries as a winter remedy to support immune function. The dark berries of the European black elder (Sambucus nigra L.) is a delicious way to instantly boost a smoothie. The elderberry syrup from Nature’s Way doesn’t contain any artificial preservatives and is made from a unique cultivar of black elderberries with a higher level of naturally-occurring flavonoids. I normally add 1-2 teaspoons to my smoothie for an instant boost.

3 Smoothie Recipes With A Boost

What I love to add as well are fats. This is not only delicious, but I keep reading about fats being important to absorb specific nutrients so I’m adding in some of my favorites as a whole food (not as an oil). Some of my favorites are chia seeds, hemp seeds, cashew butter and almond butter

Discount offer for iHerb customers

To make your smoothie recipes even better, I have a discount code for you. All new and existing iHerb customers will get a discount off their Nature’s Way order by clicking here.

I hope these smoothie recipes will inspire you to get blending and add in some of these amazing products.

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3 Smoothie Recipes With A Boost

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  • Author: The Green Creator
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  • Cuisine: vegan, plant-based, vegetarian, dairy-free


These 3 smoothie recipes are super delicious and nourishing with some extras for a boost.




  1. For every recipe it’s as simple as blending all the ingredients in a high speed blender and adding in more liquid when the smoothie is too thick for you.
  2. I don’t add the probiotic capsule full with the capsule. I open up the capsule and empty the probiotic/powder in the blender.

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